Hair transplant at New Hair Clinic

New Hair Clinic works with hair transplantation in Stockholm and Lund with fue method and strip method

We are a hair transplant clinic with complete records to treat male pattern baldness as well as female hair loss. We do hair transplants with strip method in Lund since 1992 and with FUE method since 2004. New Hair Clinic is also available at Nybrogatan 75 in Stockholm since 2011 and here we work with the FUE method. You can also meet us in Gothenburg to learn more about hair transplant and what we can do for you.

A hair transplant with us gives our patients the hair back for real. We work with all treatment methods and find the solution that suits your requirements best. We work with sophisticated technology, and keeps us constantly updated. Today, the development of tools and technology advanced so far that it can restore hair in a perfectly natural way of hair transplantation. Hair grows in natural small groups, and it is precisely those to transplant. Outlining has a specific structure, and it can be recovered with FUE method and Strip method. Vortices are no longer a problem, each graft can be implanted in a given direction and with a given angle relative to the skin surface. Even at the highest standards, the density driven up, but sometimes requires that condenses in a second round. With the high level of ambition is a higher cost, but compared to other plastic surgery hair transplants is considered to be reasonably priced when you take into account the human resources and time required.

New Hair Clinic attaches great importance to anyone considering a hair transplant should have a deep understanding of what is possible to do, and what the alternatives are. Want to find out more about our treatments; FUE method and strip method, please contact us for a free consultation. We also provide the best Hair care treatment, LaserCap.

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