FUE method

A clear advantage of FUE-method is that you can use much larger area than in the
strip method.

Therefore, one can also take thinner hair follicles, which can provide finer hair to a hairline. We carry out operations with the FUE method on New Hair Clinic since 2010 and has drilled over 2.500000 grafts with the FUE method.

We plan first carefully how much hair we will collect and how those hairs later be placed. We shave a large area in the back of the head and temples, where you have permanent (non-hormone sensitive) hair.

The surgeon then places a local anesthetic.

We now begin to pick out graft, consisting of natural grafts. In FUE method we use two instruments, a punch and a very fine forceps. Threading the punch (having a diameter of 0.6-0.7 mm, depending on hair type), of 2-3 hair. Then drilled the punch down through the outer layers of the skin, just along the direction that the hair follicles grows in. The resistance decreases, and we are down in the subcutaneous fat. This removes the punch, and pulling with a gentle tug up the transplant.

As the follicles are drilled out, they are placed in a sterile dish containing cold saline and nutrient solution. A quality control under the microscope is ongoing. In FUE method, we work constantly with magnifying glasses. The work requires full concentration at all times for that one should not deviate from the correct direction when punching.

The hair transplantation is ongoing throughout the day. The hair follicles are in salt and nutrient solution in the refrigerator before placing them in place. The implantation with FUE method works exactly the same way as in Strip-method: a small incision and then picked each graft into a separate plugin. This operation takes a few hours and now you are lying comfortably asleep. While working 2-3 tissue-techniques to bring the new hair in place. We use methylene blue in the implantation in order to make the small plug holes more clearly.

When the work is completed we wash the surface thoroughly, and we place a protective bandage. Then you rest in your room where you either want to sleep, watch TV or perhaps read a book. Staff are available on New Hair Clinic around the clock. The very next day, you can repeat the FUE method, if the need for hair follicles are large. A clear advantage of the New Hair Clinic is that we are able to maintain our patient during the entire period you need to complete the work.

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Prices of FUE method on New Hair Clinic
All prices in SEK

For every 100 grafts (200-250 hair follicles), the price is 5000 SEK. Up to 3000 FUE grafts can be harvested in one day. For larger numbers, two surgery days.

In FUE from other parts of the body (“Bodyhair”) the price is 8000 SEK/100 FUE grafts.

Minimum cost for a hair transplant with FUE method is 20000 SEK.

Additional Cost
If you do not want to be shaved on the surface where the hair is transplanted to, there will be a fee of 3000-5000 SEK.

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