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Back from the ISHRS congress!25 October, 2012

The week when the world’s leading surgeons in hair transplants gather for their annual meeting and exchange experience should not be missed.

I have been to these conferences every year since 2005, before that we sent other representatives from the clinic for a few years. This year the meeting was placed to the Bahamas. But anyone who thinks it’s a holiday would be disappointed. In the four conference days have programs from 07am until 6pm. A couple of days was the opportunity to attend a lunch symposium, while lunch was served. New Hair Clinic sent this year, a delegation of six representatives. Besides myself participated my colleague, Dr. Peter Uppström, and 4 of our assistants; Åsa Tallåker, Marielle B. Johansson, Nathalie Olsson and Jenny Sjörin. It seems as if we were the only Swedish representatives.

The lasting personal impression I have is that news when it comes to pure technical execution of a hair transplant with standard conditions have not changed much in recent years. More patients today choose FUE front strip method and the tendency seems to be universal. Interestingly, however, to note that of the approximately 500 delegates in the Bahamas Congress were surprisingly many beginners on FUE. Another lasting impression is that the NHC has clinical practice and a concept that stands up very well in comparison to other clinics. With us sterility in the operating room without saying. Our assistants were surprised how common it is in other clinics that you sit and separates the hair follicles without sterile surgical gloves, and that the magnification tool that does not promote good posture. When it comes to hair density hairlines and generally how tight it is appropriate to implant hair transplant are different “schools”. NHC has found that 30 to 45 grafts per square centimeter may be right in priority areas. There are clinics who believe that they put tighter. But, and this is performed every time the discussion comes up – it is a matter also have sufficient number of grafts (donor hair) at their disposal. In many cases, the total number of natural grafts (FU) which can be extracted from an individual, regardless of number of operation times, even 5000. Would you put 50/cm2 was just cover 100 cm2, whereas surfaces need in fact often the double at least in the long term. The most interesting area is the advanced “hair biology”. Knowledge of how the hair follicle cycles between anagen and telogen phase is regulated, the role of stem cells and “progenerator celles”. In this interaction, which neurotransmitters are in various normal and pathological processes, what is hiding behind the future of the next corner – here we have some exciting trends reporting. See you soon!// Mats Ingers

This year’s ISHRS Congress is over!23 October, 2012

This year’s ISHRS Congress is over! We have participated in various practical sessions, lectures and discussions. It has been a very rewarding conference and we have with us many ideas that could lead to minor changes in our future work practices. After seeing how many other clinicians working in both Europe and the U.S., we can confirm that we are among the best in hair transplant clinics in the world. We have come a long way in the evolution of including instrumentation, personnel skills and FUE technique (displacement of individual small hair groups). Many clinics in the world does not work with FUE. Much emphasis has been placed on previous congresses FUE, but at this year’s congress revealed a more balanced approach for FUE / FUT (strip surgery).

Enzymatica conducting study with New Hair Clinic in Lund for granted international study grants12 June, 2012

Message, June 11, 2012

Enzymatica conducting study with New Hair Clinic in Lund for granted international study grants.

Enzymatica is a biotechnology company focused on research, development and registration of medical devices based on a patented enzyme technology. The company is currently carrying out a joint study with the Plastic Surgery Clinic New Hair Clinic who works with hair transplants. The study aims to identify and document how a hudgel containing Enzymaticas enzyme acts at healing and convalescence in patients undergoing hair transplantation.

2010 Enzymatica began a collaboration with New Hair Clinic, the market leader in hair transplantation in Scandinavia. The aim is to offer patients and the public an alternative to the treatment of skin disorders and wound healing in general, and in patients in connection with transplants in particular.Enzymatica has developed a cosmetic hudgel, “Scar Repair Creme” of wound healing, adapted to cosmetic surgery clinic’s needs. The collaboration has developed well and are now implementing Enzymatica and New Hair Clinic, a joint study, with study grants from the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery, ISHRS. The purpose of this study, a small proof-of-conpcept study is to investigate if we can document the effects of the enzyme-based hudgelen in the wound healing process in patients who have undergone plastic surgery:”Cod Trypsin Gel Application on implanted Scalp to ENHANCE healing and Shorten cosmetic convalescence.” The study included 20 patients and the results will be presented within approximately 1 year.

“The study is in full swing and we are proud that we have received funding for the study of the ISHRS, as there is a prominent international organization in plastic surgery. It is an exploratory study that aims to optimize the dosage and application schedule for the future. It’s also an interesting medical issue to investigate cold-adapted trypsiners effect on wound healing after surgery, “says physician and the Medical Director at New Hair Clinic, Mats Ingers.

Enzymaticas strategy is to develop and register medical products based on enzyme technology and then to market and launch the products in priority markets and channels. The company received in May its product PeriZyme ® chewing gum on plaque and bad breath registered as a medical device by the MPA. Enzymatica have also submitted applications for registration for ColdZyme ® oral spray for colds. The company plans a broader market launch in 2013 of their registered products. Enzymaticas products are already on sale in health food stores. In addition, “Scar Repair Creme” for sale at New Hair Clinic in Stockholm and Lund.

For further questions please feel free to contact;If the study: Marcus Fornbacke, Head of Research, Enzymatica, Telephone: +46 (0) 70-33 999 55

Mats Ingers Doctor & Medical Director, New Hair Clinic, Telephone: +46 (0) 46 14 32 80 Enzymatica: Michael Edelborg Christensen, CEO Telephone: 0768-144 166

Enzymatica AB (publ)Enzymatica AB (publ) is a publicly traded biotechnology company focused on research, development and registration of medical devices based on a patented enzyme technology. Enzymatica uses the patented enzyme Penzyme ®, a cold adapted trypsin from deep-sea cod. The enzyme has a unique feature that allows the super-active at about 37 ° C, making it superior to break down the disease-related proteins, counter infections by viruses and bacteria and promote healing processes. ColdZyme portfolio, which today is represented in health food stores, contain precursors of the products are under registration as medical devices for colds, and dental and munhålesjukdomar.

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